TRAVIS YOH | Founder | Advanced Market Tax-Advantage Strategist | Personal Finance Advocate


Travis Yoh, an esteemed figure in the Financial Services Industry with nearly a decade of experience. However, his journey to this industry wasn't conventional. Coming from a background in Restaurant Management, he honed his skills while working with three prominent corporate chain restaurants in Orange, San Diego, & Riverside County.

Travis possesses an unwavering passion for educating and transforming the way people perceive their finances. Throughout his career, he has had the privilege of assisting thousands of families on their financial journeys. His approach combines a customer-centric mindset with a commitment to transparency and directness, as he understands the importance of valuing time.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Travis is a man of faith, dedicated to serving and leading in the light of Christ. As a loving father, devoted husband, supportive brother, and cherished friend, he brings a warm and compassionate demeanor to every interaction.

Prepare to embark on a transformative financial journey with Travis as your guide. His expertise, combined with his genuine desire to empower others, sets the stage for a remarkable experience. Get ready to reshape your financial mindset and embark on a path to prosperity. Travis is here to help you unlock your financial potential and embrace a brighter future.

VANESSA YOH | Co-Founder | Speaker | Financial Strategist | Retirement Planning Specialist


In the competitive arena of finance, Vanessa Yoh stands as an exemplary figure, armed with two decades of multifaceted expertise spanning in Real Estate, Mortgage Loans, and Financial Services. Her journey is not just defined by success but by a profound passion for enlightening others on the enigmatic rules of the financial universe.

From the inception of her career, Vanessa exhibited a flair for entrepreneurship that saw her commandeer the success of several self-owned agencies. Her path is a testament to resilience, a trait that, when coupled with unwavering dedication, places her in a league of her own.

What distinguishes Vanessa from her peers is her fervent commitment to sharing her wealth of knowledge. A lifelong learner herself, she wholeheartedly dedicates herself to helping others decipher the intricacies of the financial world. Through mentorship and educational initiatives, she emerges as a champion of financial literacy, guiding countless individuals toward economic empowerment and security.

However, Vanessa Yoh's narrative doesn't end with finance. She is also a devoted follower of Christ, seamlessly intertwining her faith with her financial acumen. Her strong belief in her faith serves as an unwavering moral compass, infusing her career with integrity, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to ethical practices.

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship and finance, Vanessa Yoh is a beacon of inspiration, a paragon of success, and a believer in the power of faith to drive both personal and financial growth. Her story is a compelling reminder that true success is not just about the bottom line but about positively impacting lives, and she accomplishes that with grace, dedication, and a profound connection to her faith.

JESSE OBIL | Founder of His Kingdom Insurance | Hispanic Community Advocate | P&C Commercial Insurance Expert



Jesse Obil, a passionate Hispanic entrepreneur and a dedicated man of faith with over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. As the founder of His Kingdom Insurance Agency, Jesse has forged a path marked by integrity and service, offering tailored insurance solutions and financial expertise to individuals and families seeking financial security.

Jesse's unwavering commitment to his Christian faith is the cornerstone of his personal and professional life. He sees his work as a means of aligning financial success with spiritual values, ensuring that his clients not only build wealth but also live with purpose.

A profound advocate for the Hispanic community, Jesse recognizes the unique challenges they face in navigating the financial world. Through his agency and community involvement, he empowers and ministers to the Hispanic community, promoting financial literacy and security.

In a career driven by both financial acumen and faith-based principles, Jesse Obil is a shining example of how a deep commitment to community and spiritual values can lead to personal and collective prosperity. His story is an inspiring testament to the intersection of faith, entrepreneurship, and community advocacy.

EJ ASHBY | Coach | Speaker | Community Evangelist


Meet EJ Ashby, a dedicated and experienced professional with a passion for empowering others. With over 5 years of industry experience, EJ has established himself as a trusted leader and mentor. As a Black African American, EJ brings a unique perspective to their work, advocating for diversity, equality, and inclusion in all aspects of life. EJ's journey in the industry began with a deep-seated desire to make a difference in the lives of others. Drawing on his background in coaching, EJ quickly discovered his innate ability to connect with people on a personal level and guide them towards realizing their full potential. Whether it's helping individuals navigate career transitions, overcome challenges, or develop essential skills for success, EJ's empathetic approach and unwavering support has earned him a reputation for excellence.

Throughout his career, EJ has remained committed to continuous learning and growth. He understands the importance of staying ahead of industry trends and evolving his skills to meet the changing needs of his clients. Through ongoing professional development and a genuine curiosity for learning, EJ ensures that he is always equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to deliver exceptional results. Overall, EJ Ashby is more than just a professional; he is a beacon of inspiration and hope for those he serves. With his unwavering commitment to helping others and passion for making a difference, EJ is truly a force for positive change in the world.


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Helping families learn the rules to WIN the money game. There's a HUGE disconnect when it comes to the financial knowledge of Upper, Working, & Lower Class citizens. I believe financial knowledge should be available to everyone. The hardest part is helping limited belief mindsets try to understand that there is a greater purpose and a better way than what they are currently living. Don't be a victim to your circumstances. Rise up. There is a solution to every problem. Do the self-work. Implement only a few things at a time until we get better that them, then add on more things. Progression not Perfection.